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DIY Pink Dresser for a Girl’s Bedroom

How sweet is this DIY pink dresser for a little girl’s bedroom?! This project is a budget-friendly way to get pink furniture for your child’s room.

Looking for the perfect pink dresser or nightstand? Look no further! This sweet pink furniture piece is a simple IKEA hack, that can be completed over a single weekend.

With a couple quick cuts and fresh knobs, you’ll be well on your way to making a perfect DIY pink dresser for your child’s room. I’ve been on the lookout for a piece just like this for my daughter’s pink-wallpapered bedroom, so now this project is on my to-do list!

diy pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom

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Painted by my sister-in-law for her daughter’s bedroom, this pink dresser is exactly what I’ve had in mind for my little girl’s bedroom, as a nightstand. When she sent me this photo, I asked her if I could share the project with you – it’s just so darling.

DIY Pink Furniture

When my daughter was small, I painted a DIY pink crib for her bedroom. Once she grew out of her crib, I’ve been missing having a pretty piece of pink furniture in her bedroom.

At one point, Ikea carried a pink child’s dresser that would make a perfect nightstand; but it was always out of stock. By the time I found it, I think it may have already been discontinued.

I didn’t want a typical nightstand (otherwise, this pink side table would have been a great option); but rather a small dresser to use as a nightstand. My daughter needs storage in her bedroom, as well as a spot for her bedside lamp.

diy pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom

Several other options I’ve considered are this modern pink dresser (or its smaller version) and this classic pink bookshelf. You can also check out this list of 10 pink painted furniture makeovers, if you aren’t specifically looking for a dresser.

Of course, none of the store-bought options are solid wood, which is what I love about the DIY pink dresser that my sister-in-law made. The base piece is a budget-friendly, unfinished, solid pine dresser. With a few added details, I’ll be able to add a pretty pink furniture piece to my daughter’s bedroom.

How to Make a DIY Pink Dresser




1. Cut the Top

First, cut paint grade unfinished pine board to 12.25 inches x 25.5 inches with a table saw. The pine dresser is 11.75 inches deep and 24.5 inches wide.

Cutting the top to these dimensions will provide a half inch overhang on the front and sides of the dresser (there will be no overhang on the back of the dresser).

ikea rast hack, pink dresser for a girl's bedroom

2. Sand the Top

Sand all corners on the top board with an orbital sander for a smooth, safe finish. Smooth, rounded corners are especially important if this pink dresser will be in a child’s bedroom.

3. Align the Top

Next, align the top board to the pine dresser, in preparation to attach the top.

The back of the top board should be flush with the back of the dresser. The front of the top board should overhang the dresser by .5 inch.

The top board should be centered (right to left) on the dresser, so that each side overhangs the dresser by .5 inch.

4. Attach the Top

Drill pilot holes through the top piece and into the dresser. Then, select a drill bit slightly larger than the screw heads. Drill a small divot in order to countersink the screw.

Then, screw the wood screws into the pilot holes in order to secure the top piece to the dresser.

pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom

5. Paint the Dresser

Once the top is attached to the dresser, use a paintbrush to apply two coats of Just Rosey in a semigloss finish.

6. Protect the Dresser

When both coats are dry, use a foam paintbrush to apply a coat of crystal clear topcoat over the paint. This step will protect the finish of your pink dresser (and is especially important if the dresser will get heavy use).

pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom

7. Swap Out the Knobs

Finally, replace the basic knobs with a set of ceramic melon knobs. The vintage style pairs perfect with the muted pink paint color.

Styling a Pink Dresser as a Nightstand

Once your DIY pink dresser is complete, it’s time to give it a little styling love! First, add a lovely pink contact paper to the inside of the drawers (maybe a modern floral or a vintage floral pattern?).

Then, place a vintage wicker tray on top with nighttime essentials such as a small lamp and a noise machine. To protect the paint finish of your pink dresser, attach bumper pads to the bottom of the tray.

pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom

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pink dresser as a nightstand in a girl's bedroom