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Free Printable Thanksgiving Dice Game for Kids

Download and print this Free Thanksgiving Dice Game. Kids will love playing this easy dice game while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

This Thanksgiving dice game is easy to learn and simple to play. Download and print a free printable dice game for Thanksgiving dinner.

As much as you and I like to sit down to a Thanksgiving meal, chatting with family and enjoying second helpings, it can be a long meal for the kiddos.

This year, they can play this simple game called  “Roll a Turkey” to keep them entertained while you’re finishing your meal. Plus, since it is played with tasty M&Ms, the game is also a simple holiday treat!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Dice Game for Kids played with M&Ms

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**Note: This post was originally written as a guest post for Unoriginal Mom.

Thanksgiving Games

We are big fan of games in our house (whether it is an Escape Game during a weekend getaway, a classic game of charades, or seasonal party games). Our variety pack of Scavenger Hunt Games for Kids and our Scavenger Hunt Game Box Set both include a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.

My kids love playing the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt while they’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

thanksgiving scavenger hunt game

With the addition of this Thanksgiving Dice Game, now they have a Thanksgiving themed game to play in the morning and evening on Turkey Day!

How to Make a Thanksgiving Dice Game


  • white cardstock
  • printable game file (download info in step #1)
  • M&Ms
  • dice



1. Download and Print the Game

First, download and print the Thanksgiving dice game file on white cardstock. When printing, make sure to print full size or 100% to scale. Also, choose the best print quality in for vibrant print color.

Each printable file includes 2 cards per page. You will need to print enough cards for each child to have their own card.

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Dice Game for Kids

2. Cut the Game Cards

Next, cut out the game cards. It is easiest to cut straight edges with a paper cutter. However, if you don’t have one, scissors will work just fine.

Want to use the game year after year? Laminate the card for durability.

3. Prep the Game

Finally, it’s time to prepare for game play! Collect at least one die (if you’ve got several dice, each kid can have their own) and M&Ms.

Each child will need a handful of M&Ms. Make sure there are at least 2 each of the following colors:

  • red
  • blue
  • orange

Each child will also need to have at least 3 of the following colors:

  • green
  • yellow
Free Printable Thanksgiving Dice Game for Kids played with M&Ms

How to Play a Thanksgiving Dice Game

Once everything is ready, let’s play! Here are the game instructions:

  1. Distribute a game card and M&Ms to each child.
  2. The youngest child will go first by rolling one of the dice.
  3. The number on the die dictates the color of the M&M that the child can place on the card.
  4. The number six is wild. If the child rolls a six, they can place any color M&M.
  5. Only one M&M can be placed per turn.
  6. If there is no available space (i.e., the child rolls a three, but the blue spots are full), no M&M can be placed and play proceeds to the next player.
  7. The goal is to fill all of the available spots on the Thanksgiving Dice Game card.

Don’t worry about memorizing the instructions, there is a simplified version of the instructions located directly on the game card.

Of course, when the game is over, let the kids chow down on those M&Ms! If you are feeling generous, make sure each child has plenty of extras M&Ms as treats!

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Dice Game for Kids played with M&Ms