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8 Easy Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Throw an easy fairy birthday party for your favorite little girl! Play fairy themed games, make fairy crafts, and decorate a beautiful fairy birthday cake – surrounded by fanciful decorations.

My daughter loves fairies and all things magical and fanciful in the fairy world. She wore a fairy halloween costume last year, reads fairy books, and watches fairy tv shows. So, it’s no surprise, that for her 8th birthday she requested a fairy themed party. As always, I selected my favorite simple and budget-friendly birthday party ideas to pull together her special day.

If you’ve got a fairy fan, check out all 8 ideas to find decorations, games, crafts, and cake-decorating suggestions for a fun fairy bash. We had a blast celebrating with this fun theme and I know you will, too!

easy fairy birthday - simple party ideas

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Easy DIY Party Ideas

I love throwing DIY parties, but don’t have time to invest in complicated themes. Therefore, my party ideas (whether it’s a ladybug party, a unicorn party, or a pineapple party) are generally simple and quick.

fairy door, fairy wand, and fairy crown - fairy crafts for a fairy birthday party

But, simple and quick doesn’t have to be boring. You can still select fun and creative themes – even decorate beautifully – without all the hassle. With these fairy birthday ideas, you’ll be able to whip this easy party theme up in no time. 

A side benefit of simple DIY party ideas? They are generally budget-friendly. Often times, “DIY” and “simple” also equals affordable!

Fairy Themed Birthday Party

A fairy birthday party theme can take many variations, dependent on your child’s favorite fairy, fairy type, or the occasion:

  • woodland fairy birthday party
  • enchanted fairy party
  • Tinkerbell birthday party
  • fairy tea party
  • fairy garden party
  • fairy princess birthday
child with fairy wings at fairy birthday party

The games, crafts, cake, and decorations in this post will work for most of these fairy-themed party variations. Simply modify the color palette to match (i.e.: more greens for a Tinkerbell or woodland fairy themed party).

Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

1. Setup a Fairy Craft Table

Fairy crafts are a great activity for a fairy-themed birthday party. Set up a long craft table, decorate it, and have it ready for the arrival of guests.

fairy crafts for a fairy birthday party

fairy door, fairy wand, and fairy crown - fairy crafts for a fairy birthday party

With the crafts ready to go, each guest can start creating as soon as they arrive! Fill the center of the table with craft supplies (this is a great way to empty out your craft stash):

  • scrap ribbons in clear bowls, sorted by color
  • assorted stickers
  • mini-flower embellishments in clear mason jars
  • colorful brush tip “paint” markers
fairy crafts for a fairy birthday party

Roll out floral kraft paper as an inexpensive, disposable, table runner. No worries if the kids get it messy, but it still feels fancy for a fairy party!

2. Fairy Crown Favors

Anchor each craft spot with a fairy crown. This affordable party favor can be purchased in a variety of sizes, such as sets of 9, 15, or 22 fairy crowns. My daughter and her friends were so excited about the fairy crowns – they immediately placed the crowns on their heads as soon as they saw them.

fairy door, fairy wand, and fairy crown for a fairy birthday party

Plus, a variety of colors to choose them meant the girls could select a fairy crown that best matched their outfit, or their favorite color!

3. Make Fairy Wands

Buy wood fairy wands for each guest to decorate. First, “paint” each wand with brush tip markers. Next, tie ribbons around the wand. Finally, add embellishments such as gem stone stickers or flowers.

fairy crafts for a fairy birthday party

fairy wand craft for a fairy birthday party

4. Make Fairy Doors

Buy wood fairy doors for each guest to decorate. First, “paint” each door with brush tip markers. Next, add embellishments such as gem stone stickers or flowers.

fairy doors craft for a fairy birthday party

Fairy doors are tiny magical entrances to fairy homes (in tree trunks, for example). When the kids get home, they can stick painted fairy doors around the house (they look so cute along baseboards) or outside, at the base of trees.

child with fairy wings looking at a fairy door

5. Simple Fairy Party Decorations

Keep the decorations simple. I’ve used the same set of pink paper lanterns for years, because they match most any little girl birthday theme. Paper lanterns fold flat and store easily, making the ideal party decor that can be kept on hand.

pink fairy themed birthday party

Buy a coordinating “Happy Birthday” banner to store with the lanterns, and you’ll have everything you need for a quick focal wall. I always write my kid’s age on the chalkboard as the focal point (here is a photo of this chalkboard at my son’s 10 year old Minecraft themed party).

fairy birthday party decorations

pink fairy themed birthday party

6. Play Pin the Star on the Wand

A favorite of my daughter and her friends, “Pin the…” games are always a hit. Last year’s DIY Pin the Spot on the Ladybug was darling, but this year I chose to buy her favorite party game instead of making it. As expected, Pin the Star on the Wand was a huge hit, as always!

7. Wear Fairy Wings

Buy the birthday girl a set of fairy wings for her fairy-themed birthday party (or get a pair of wings for all of the party guests!).

child with fairy wings at fairy birthday party

8. Decorate a Fairy Cake

Finally, to round out the perfect fairy party, decorate a simple – but stunning – magical fairy cake. Lightly toast crushed graham crackers that have been dyed green to create woodland moss. Sprinkle the moss over a basic white layer cake and stick sprigs of rosemary in the center to create a woodland scene for the fairies.

Note: You’ll need several bottles of green food coloring, so make sure to buy plenty!

easy fairy birthday cake

Arrange this set of dancing fairies in a circle around the rosemary “trees” in the wood forest. It’s as if they are floating and frolicking magically through a secret fairy land!

easy fairy birthday cake

Seriously, how can such a pretty cake be so simple to decorate?!

simple fairy birthday cake

Fairy Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties don’t have to be time consuming. A few decorations, a game, a craft, and a simple cake is all it takes to make this fairy birthday party come to life. 

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easy fairy birthday - simple party ideas