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Easy DIY Pin the Bow on the Doll Game

Planning a doll-themed party for your child? Add extra fun with a DIY Pin the Bow on the Doll Game! This classic party activity is easy to create following our simple tutorial. Kids love the excitement of pinning the bow in the right spot, making it a must-have game for any doll-themed celebration.

Throwing a doll-themed party? Play “Pin the Bow on the Doll” with this simple and quick DIY game. The kids will have a blast with this classic game – and you’ll love how easy it is to make!

When my daughter requested a doll-themed birthday party, I knew this game was a no-brainer. I’m a fan of simple parties, so I can promise you this is an easy game to create. In fact, I made all of her American Girl doll party decor and games the weekend before the party!

Pin the Bow on the Doll Game with a Free Printable Template

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My daughter loves “Pin the…” games for her birthday parties. In past years, we made Pin the Spot on the Ladybug and bought one for her Unicorn Birthday Party. It’s fun to see this new DIY “Pin the…” game added to her party memories!

Pin the Bow on the Doll with Dollar Store Supplies

You’ll be able to grab most of the supplies from the dollar store (or from around your own home). We typically host birthday parties in our own home with budget-friendly supplies. That allows us to spend a bit more on party foods (yum!) and birthday gifts!

Kids playing Pin the Bow on the Doll

How to Make a Pin the Bow on the Doll Game


While at the dollar store for party plates and cups, I grabbed the main supplies for this fun doll themed birthday game. Everything else I already had at home!

Poster Board and Cardstock: For the doll, you’ll need several colors of poster board and cardstock. Buy a standard 22×28 inch sheet of poster board for the background, then select smaller sheets of poster board or cardstock for the other colors.

My daughter loves the color purple. In order to match her invitation and party decor, we dressed this sweet doll in purple. Select the colors of poster board that best coordinate with your child’s party theme.

Metallic Sharpies, Chalk Marker, or White Crayon: Select a writing utensil that will write on dark poster board. For example, a chalk marker will draw on purple and black poster board.

Outline the Bow in White or Gold, for Pin the Bow on the Doll

Cord, String, or Elastic: For the eye mask, you’ll need cording to tie it around each child’s head. I prefer elastic cording, but any string will do.


1. Download, Print, and Cut the Doll Game Template

Download the free doll game template which will print on 5 sheets of paper. The first 4 sheets are the doll and the last sheet is the eye mask.

Arrange the first 4 pages into one large doll and tape the papers together.

Pin the Bow on the Doll Printable Template

Once arranged as a doll, cut out the individual pieces (bow, hair, face, arms, dress, and feet). Also, cut out the eye mask template.

Pin the Bow on the Doll Printable Template

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2. Trace and Cut the Poster Board

Trace the eye mask and each piece from the doll template onto the correct color poster board. Cut out each shape and assemble the doll, with tape, onto the background poster board. DO NOT ATTACH THE BOW.

DIY Pin the Bow on the Doll with Cardstock and Poster Board

Note: The mask template is sized slightly larger than most child-sized eye masks to ensure it covers their eyes and sight lines. After all, the point of any “pin the” game is to not be able to see, right?

3. Draw Facial Features

Once the doll pieces are assembled, add detail to the dolls face using a black sharpie or marker. You can use the template as a guide for this step, too!

4. Trace the Bow onto the Game

Once the doll is complete, use the bow to trace an empty bow space on the doll. Use a writing utensil which can write on dark poster board. This is where the kids will try to Pin the Bow on the Doll!

Outline the Bow in White or Gold, for Pin the Bow on the Doll

5. Cut Bows

Now that the game board is complete, cut enough bows for each child that will be attending the party. At the party, I simply attached tape to the back of each bow before each guest’s turn.

purple bows for Pin the Bow on the Doll Game

6. Assemble the Eye Mask

To make the eye mask, punch holes in each end. If you’d like, reinforce the holes with tape before punching the holes. Then, string elastic cording through each hole and tie in a loop to create a slip on mask.

eye mask for Pin the Bow on the Doll Game

7. Hang the Game Board

Finally, mount the game board on the wall in preparation for party day!

Pin the Bow on the Doll Game

How to Play Pin the Bow on the Doll

To play the game, have each child stand in line. When it is their turn, place the mask over their eyes and hand them a bow with tape on the back. Spin the child around three times, then tell them to “Pin the Bow on the Doll.”

To make this game more difficult for older children, don’t let them feel the game board to “find” where the doll’s hairline is, or where other children have already pinned bows.

Kids playing Pin the Bow on the Doll

Doll Birthday Party

Pin the Bow on the Doll was only one component of her doll-themed birthday party. Check out all the ideas in this American Girl Doll Birthday Party post.

Pin the Bow on the Doll Game

Pin the Bow on the Doll Party Game

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

This easy-to-make DIY Pin the Bow on the Doll Party Game is a hit with kids, creating excitement as they try to pin the bow in the right spot. Follow our simple tutorial for a must-have party game.


  • Free Printable Game Template
  • Large Poster Board in 1 Color for Game Background
  • Small Poster Board Sheets in 3 Colors (or Cardstock) for Hair, Bow/Dress/Eye Mask, and Skin
  • Elastic Cording


  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Chalk Marker, Metallic Sharpie, or White Crayon
  • Hole Punch


  1. Download and print the game template (sign up form is in the post).
  2. Arrange the first 4 pages into a large doll and tape.
  3. Cut out the doll template (hair, bow, face, dress, arms, and feet seperately) and the eye mask template.
  4. Trace the templates onto the correct color small poster board and cut out each piece.
  5. Assemble the doll (except for the bow) onto the large poster board. Tape to adhere.
  6. Trace the bow, with a white chalk marker (or similar), at the top of the doll's hair. This is where the children will "Pin the Bow" on the Doll.
  7. Cut enough bows out of the small poster board for each party guest.
  8. Punch holes in each end of the eye mask. Then, string elastic cording through the holes and tie it.
  9. Hang the large poster board on the wall to play.

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Pin the Bow on the Doll Game with a Free Printable Template

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