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9 American Girl Doll Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an American Girl Doll party. Discover party decorations, games, and activities to make a doll-themed birthday extra special.

My daughter adores her American Girl dolls (and Our Generation dolls!) and wanted to celebrate her 9th birthday with a doll-themed party. The invites included all of her friends, and their 18-inch dolls, too!

Whether your daughter is into American Girl dolls or standard baby dolls, I think you’ll find plenty of ideas for a doll birthday party in this post! From decor, to food, and activities, this sweet little party was such a joy to throw for my girl.

american girl doll birthday party theme

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Easy DIY Party Ideas

I love throwing DIY parties, but don’t have time to invest in complicated themes. Therefore, my party ideas (whether it’s a ladybug party, a unicorn party, or a fairy party) are generally simple and quick.

american girl doll birthday party theme

But, simple and quick doesn’t have to be boring. You can still select fun and creative themes – even decorate beautifully – without all the hassle. With these American Girl doll party ideas, you’ll be able to whip this easy party theme up in no time. 

A side benefit of simple DIY party ideas? They are generally budget-friendly. Often times, “DIY” and “simple” also equals affordable!

our generation doll birthday party theme

Doll Themed Birthday Party

A doll birthday party theme can take many variations, dependent on your child’s favorite doll or the occasion:

  • babydoll birthday party
  • American Girl / Our Generation doll party
  • Barbie doll party
  • LOL doll party
  • doll tea party
party hats for american girl doll

The games, crafts, cake, and decorations in this post will work for most of these doll-themed party variations. Simply modify the color palette to match (i.e.: more pinks for a Barbie doll themed party).

American Girl Doll Birthday Party Ideas

1. Set a Fancy Table

Dolls (and girls) headed to a birthday party are sure to dress up, so it makes sense to have a pretty table set for all those fancy guests! Each girl had their own place setting ready, topped with a party hat for their favorite doll.

place setting for a doll themed birthday party

Sprinkled around the table were sweet treats, craft supplies, and supplies for a party game – to get everyone excited, too!

2. Set a Doll Table, too!

Don’t forget the dolls! They need a fancy place to sit, too, so we created a doll-sized table from an old suitcase covered with a lace cloth. As each girl arrived, they set their dolls around the doll table and found their own space at the big table.

american girl doll birthday party

3. Play Doll Bingo

We kicked off the celebration with several rounds of doll bingo. Bingo is a great game to play while kids are still arriving. They can join in as they get there, and kids love to play several times anyhow, because… more chances to win, right?!

doll bingo game for a doll themed birthday party

4. Make a Doll Craft

A lover of doll accessories, my daughter wanted to make something she and her friends could use when they play with their dolls. She found a doll suitcase craft from American Girl’s Youtube, and it turned out darling!

suitcase craft and party hat craft for american girl doll

5. Doll Party Hat Favor

As a fun party favor, make doll party hats from scrapbook paper, mini pom-poms, and elastic string. Plus, sprinkle them into the decor atop the heads of you child’s dolls.

party hats for american girl doll

6. Play Pin the Bow on the Doll

“Pin the…” games are a favorite of my daughter’s, and they always end up being a hit! Pin the Bow on the Doll was no different, and the game poster doubled as cute party decor, too (print the instructions and get the supply list for Pin the Bow on the Doll here).

Kids playing Pin the Bow on the Doll

7. Simple American Girl Doll Decorations

Keep the decorations simple. I like to buy and reuse sets of paper lanterns or paper fans for parties, because they match multiple party themes. Paper fans and lanterns fold flat and store easily, making the ideal party decor that can be kept on hand.

american girl doll birthday party theme

Buy a coordinating “Happy Birthday” banner to store with the lanterns, and you’ll have everything you need for a quick focal wall. I always write my kid’s age on the chalkboard as the focal point (here is a photo of this chalkboard at my daughter’s 7 year old Ladybug themed party).

american girl doll birthday party theme

Under the chalkboard is a set of 3 bookcases in our dining room that function as a sideboard, too. I threw a purple tablecloth from the dollar store over it, and layered on several crocheted lace runners. Then, the “decor” is simply several American Girl dolls (with party hats!) and all of the party favor bags.

Simple, colorful, and inexpensive decor!

8. American Girl inspired Favor Bags

Inspired by the American Girl logo, I created a simple star design to add to each bag. You can edit it with your own party colors in this star design template.

our generation doll birthday party theme

9. Colorful Cupcakes

Doll outfits and accessories are full of color, just like this party palette with pinks, purples, and blues. Make simple colorful cupcakes by combining sprinkles with a solid icing… gorgeous bakery-style cupcakes without the price!

pink and purple birthday party table setting

Then, tuck colorful treats around the cupcakes and stack cake platters to create a colorful centerpiece, too!

pink and purple american girl doll birthday party theme with purple colorful cupcakes

Doll Birthday Party

Themed birthday parties don’t have to be time consuming. A few decorations, a game, a craft, and simple cupcakes is all it takes to make this American Girl doll birthday party come to life. 

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easy american girl doll birthday party theme