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5 Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids (a Creative Gift Idea!)

Just say no to boring gifts! Surprise little ones with a craft subscription box for kids. Monthly craft boxes are a creative gift idea that keeps on giving!

Maybe I overthink gift-giving, but I just hate to give boring giftsespecially to the kiddos! Even if I give a gift card or money, I still love to mix in something creative. This year, subscription boxes for kids are on my radar – and specifically – craft subscription boxes.

5 Craft Boxes for Kids! Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids, featuring the Lit League's Diary of a Worm box.

After all, I love to craft. In fact, handmade gifts have been my go-to for years. And, craft subscription boxes might just be the next best thing!

Monthly Boxes are a Creative Gift Idea

Rather than receiving something creative, the child is encouraged to be creative. Monthly craft boxes develop a love of crafting, art skills, and are often educational, too!

Plus, kids will love receiving a box in the mail each month. In fact, it’s a gift that keeps on giving – all year long! Seriously, if you want to make a kid smile, a monthly craft box offers so many fun moments:

  • the excitement of receiving a package in the mail
  • the anticipation of opening the box to reveal that month’s treasures
  • the joy of sharing their homemade crafts and projects with their family
Craft Subscription Box from Lit League Boxes featuring Diary of a Worm and a Nature Scavenger Hunt
Our subscription box from Lit League Boxes

Hey, look there! Yep, it’s our nature scavenger hunt (also available from with free shipping on Amazon: nature scavenger hunt)! Thanks so much to the Lit League for including our scavenger hunt in their “Diary of a Worm Box.” Inside the box was a spider craft and my kids were big fans of the lengthy pipe cleaner legs (we’ve clipped it to our curtains as a Halloween decoration, too!).

Craft Subscription Boxes are great for Busy Families

Like a nature adventure, a scavenger hunt, or a road trip, family crafts and activities encourage bonding. For parents who are busy or aren’t naturally playful (me!), simple, pre-prepared activities are a lifesaver! I can bond with my kids, create and play, without having to prep. It’s all in the box!

So, think inside the box this Christmas, and give a craft subscription box to the kids in your life.

5 Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

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