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25+ Handmade Gift Ideas (that are simple!)

25+ Handmade Gift Ideas that are simple. The holidays are busy, so homemade gifts should be easy and practical!

The holidays are tough. High expectations. Busy calendars. Tight pocketbooks. Over the years, I’ve found that having a few handmade gift ideas to make is a sweet spot for me in terms of holiday preparation.

25 Handmade Gift Ideas that are simple to make!

…Why? For several reasons… making handmade gifts:

  • brings me joy (meets those high expectations),
  • isn’t overly demanding (fits into our busy calendars),
  • and saves us money (helps ease those tight pocketbooks).

If the handmade gift is simple to make (and all of these are!), I’d venture to guess that I could easily spend as much time shopping for gifts as making something with my own hands.

So, as someone who loves to make, part of my holiday enjoyment is creating for my friends and family. If that’s you, I hope you’ll find some homemade gifts to craft this Christmas season, that fills your creative heart with joy!

As a Maker, part of the Joy of the Holidays is creating handmade gifts for my friends and family.

Wood Handmade Gifts

Not a skilled woodworker? No worries. All of these wood handmade gift ideas are simple and completely beginner-friendly.

Leather Homemade Gifts

Leather gifts can be expensive; but did you know you can make your own? With scrap leather and a few basic tools, start creating your own leather goods.

Fabric Handmade Gift Ideas

No sewing skills? That’s okay! These fabric gifts are no-sew… or “sew simple” *wink* that you don’t need to be a seamstress.

Clay Homemade Gifts

Looking for handmade gifts that the kids can help with, too? Oven dry clay is my favorite crafting product that is kid-friendly while still yielding store-quality results.

Essential Oil Handmade Gift Ideas

Even if you aren’t an essential oil convert, you likely still appreciate the lovely aromas of the oils. Grab a few classics and make a slew of handmade gifts (seriously, a slew, you’ll only need a few drops per project!).

Sentimental Homemade Gifts

Finally, who is a sucker for a sentimental gift? Definitely. Me. If you love a thoughtful handmade gift idea, consider one of these sweet projects (but be warned, they might get the tears flowing!).

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25 Handmade Gift Ideas that are simple to make!

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