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We’re Gonna Be One!

Erica and I published our first blog post on November 9, 2012. It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since I shared that first post about my little guy’s Halloween costume.

So this Saturday we will be big 1-Year Old Bloggers…  and, well, we figured it made sense to celebrate a bit. There will be a giveaway on Wednesday (a few items from our shop!) and a special Kick-Off Friday to end the week.

Today we wanted to share some of the posts ya’ll have liked the most!


Apparently Pinterest loves a party, because far and away our most viewed post has been Games for a Vintage Bridal Shower — and coming in second place is the Menu for a Vintage Bridal Shower.

This pin has been repinned over 4000 times, so folks must feel a Purse Scavenger Hunt is some good, friendly competition for a bunch of ladies. Pinners have loved our little heart shaped watermelon bites too.

The Bows and Bow Ties Baby Shower is also found in the top 10 most viewed posts — and filling out a Wish Card for the baby seems to be the party detail that people love most.


All 3 of these posts are found in our Top 10 Most Viewed, but they also have many more comments than most of our posts. It seems the common thread is that each is a pretty detailed DIY tutorial. So, it seems folks are more likely to chime in on the “How To” posts.

Sometimes you all just have super nice things to say! I love that through blogging I find other people, who will get just as excited as I do, over something as silly as a geometric pattern on the backside of an old rug.

Other times you all comment to share great tips — like Suzy from Worthington Court — who suggested using a pin to pop the bubbles in Erica’s IKEA Cabinet Makeover. That’s another fun thing about the blog-o-sphere, finding others who are trying to DIY and then sharing tips with each other in the process.

One of Erica’s other IKEA tutorials, her fabric covered cork board, has generated a lot of conversation too! So many of us have the same affordable items from IKEA that it’s always an inspiration to see how other folks use them in their home.


Getting a little more personal, Erica and I have a few favorites posts of our own, too.

Last Christmas I shared this post about the blessings that we experience through holiday traditions. I am already looking forward to pulling out our advent calendar again, in a few short weeks.

When we started this blogging journey a year ago, I would never have guessed how much I’d enjoy just writing special posts like that one or even documenting and sharing special photos like the Christmas Eve moment at the end of our living room tour.

Erica’s favorite posts were those that included sharing her excitement about becoming an aunt to two new precious babies! Before the babies made their arrivals, Erica took the time to throw the mommies-to-be an extra special double shower. She really enjoyed getting to share all about the planning process, the food, games, decorations, and banners used at the event.

As we kick off our second year of blogging, we hope you’ll enjoy a few fun posts this week and then get ready to celebrate the coming holiday season with us!

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Monday 4th of November 2013



Monday 4th of November 2013

Happy birthday!!